Types of Cosmetic Procedures

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Skinny Over 40 posted a great article last month about the types of cosmetic procedures you should know!  From face and neck enhancements, to breast augmentations and more.  We are newly located in the Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona area and pride ourselves on the most impactful and natural results!  Take a look at our services menu to learn even more about your options!  We take a comprehensive approach with our patients, addressing all of the major causes of aging.

At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics, we focus on the natural aging process on and around the face.  We summarize the aging process in 3 main pillars; Wrinkles, Volume Loss and Skin Tone.  We are experts in all 3 areas.  Naturally, one or two of these pillars may apply more to you versus a friend of yours.

This is precisely why we designed our consultation process the way we did.  Before we will perform treatments, we first complete a thorough consultation.  You should be very wary of anyone who would treat you without completing a thorough consultation first.  Our consultation process hits all the key points to ensure we know exactly what you are looking for, understand your facial anatomy, and most importantly, you are educated about your treatment options!  With all of the different types of cosmetic procedures out there today, its imperative you select the right injectors to get you the best results!

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