Top Causes of Wrinkles

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Do you know what the top causes of wrinkles are?  At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics, we help educate our patients on how to prevent aging.  Check out this great article by Health Aging about the Top 5 Causes of Wrinkles.  Wrinkles can be caused and treated in a wide variety of ways.  For more information, take a look at our Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment page!  This page specifically focuses on wrinkle relaxer treatment FAQs and general information.  And for more information, feel free to also review our FAQ page.

Wrinkles in the face are caused by the contraction of facial muscles.  Wrinkles become deeper and more prominent when we lose volume in our face as well.  We lose volume in our face due to our fat pads, and boney structures in the face getting smaller as we age.  Facial muscles, just like any muscle in our bodies, also become stronger and more prominent.  This, along with volume and collagen loss, is why we see more and more wrinkles at rest as we age.

Effective wrinkle relaxer treatment is paramount to achieving your aesthetic goals.  Make sure you are choosing the right practice to not only treat wrinkles effectively, but educate you on the cause and options as well!

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