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"YESSSS!  Finally!  Beautiful, truly noticeable enhancement in Scottsdale!!  I grew tired of getting generic results from  our valley's "Best" nurse injectors and Surgeons.  I heard about these talented nurses (Morgan and Marissa) from a contact in LA, so I made an appointment.  I am THRILLED.  Instead of just looking "rested", I am truly more beautiful. They gave me symmetry,  definition, and,  just the perfect amount of pout!  I'm addicted to them already!

Thank You Lumen + Bevel !!  You're the best."

Suzie B. Scottsdale, AZ

"My face has never looked better!!

I had Botox, lips and cheeks. I'm 36. I feel so beautiful and natural and all the things!"

Traci B.  Los Angeles, CA

"This team is BY FAR the best in the business for any injectables you may need. They took the time to consult and figure out exactly what I would need to help me meet my goals without making me look overdone. I have already recommended them to many friends and family members who have also raved of how good they look. Thank you Marissa and Morgan! I'm truly grateful for you and your amazing work."

Candie G.  Scottsdale, AZ

"Marissa is the best of the best. I was introduced to her a few years back and she's kept me looking 28 ever since--and I'm 42!!! I make a special trek out to see her from LA because she's that good! I wouldn't trust me celebrity looks to any other hands!"

Andy Q.  Mid City, Los Angeles, CA

"Y'all, I cannot tell you enough how much I recommend visiting these incredible ladies! Morgan is ultimately the funniest, most charismatic and patient skin goddess alive! I went to Morgan for the mere hope that she could help me recover my skin after years of fighting cystic acne! Even though the acne went away, I was left with deep, devastating, indented scars which not even the worlds finest make-up could cover up! I was hopeless and pretty much ready to throw in the towel in the "beautiful skin fight" until one day a friend introduced me to Morgan. She knew the exact method to help even-out the texture of my skin. Morgan performed subscision of the scars and smoothed everything out with filler! Most people would consider my feelings about my skin a bit over the top but to me, it was always my biggest insecurity and Morgan literally helped me feel beautiful again! Not to mention I've seen this girl create the most stunning lips ever and her botox abilities keep it au natural y'all!! Do yourself a favor and go see these gals, you simply won't regret it! Even if you have given up hope yourself- trust me, it's definitely worth the visit!"

Cassy R.  Valley Village, CA

"I am so impressed with the skill and professionalism and results.
After researching both Morgan and Marissa I was impressed with their celebrity clientele in LA and their loyal following.
Congratulations on your opening....I am sure the word will spread in Scottsdale as it did in Beverly Hills!

Conrad C.  Scottsdale, AZ

"After a through consultation and discussing my goals, Morgan was able to make precise recommendations of Botox and Fillers resulting in a very refreshed and natural look!  Morgan is so professional and works to attain the highest standards, I am so pleased!"

Elizabeth R.  Fort Mohave, AZ

"Marissa is amazing! I went to her out in LA for Botox and recently saw her in AZ when I was out visiting family to get my Botox done by her again. She's the best!!!! I highly recommend Lumen + Bevel!"

Jill B.  Redondo Beach, CA

"The team at Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics go above and beyond for their patients! I am so grateful to have met Morgan, she is the only person I've trusted with my skin and face! I've been seeing her for about 4 years, and I now drive from Los Angeles just to see her (and would probably travel just about anywhere to be treated by her honestly). I have also recommended many of my friends and they have nothing but wonderful things to say! She knows how to do things with Botox and filler I didn't know was possible! She is so well-educated and trained in both, and the queen of lips! I am one of those patients who comes in with a thousand questions and concerns, and Morgan has always been so patient, kind, and caring. Unlike most offices, these ladies doesn't rush through your visit. Morgan is so meticulous and an even bigger perfectionist than I am but who doesn't want a perfectionist when it comes to your face, right?!? They are hands down the best and most knowledgeable when it comes to everything Botox, filler, and skincare related."

Carly S. Marina Del Rey, CA

"Morgan is the answer to all of my facial prayers. No but really.. she is the first person that actually listened to my micromanaging self and gave me the exact results I asked for.
Morgan has a eye to enhance the most beautiful/ natural you. She was highly recommended to me by a client in Los angels, back when I was younger and oblivious to botox and filler. Boy did she change my life!!!
My husband was hesitant at first to any enhancement; now he just trusts Morgan's opinion and let's her do her thing.
So bittersweet for Morgan to move to Scottsdale to open her own botox and filler establishment. It's a flight or drive away but I just made my first visit for a touch up and will not trust anyone else with my face.
I'm going to continue to fly out from manhattan beach to get my injunctions done by Morgan.
Scottsdale; you are SO lucky!

Michelle F.  Manhattan Beach, CA

"I have been seeing Marissa for years for Botox and can't imagine letting anyone else touch my face! She is such a gifted injector, not to mention the warmest person. She will always make you feel very comfortable and give you the freshest, most beautiful look. Go see Marissa if you want to look and feel your absolute best!"

Meghan K.  Carlsbad, CA

"Marissa has done my treatments for years and has helped me look my best and feel confident in my own skin. She is patient, understanding and knowledgeable. Marissa  truly takes the time to listen to my concerns and always puts me at ease.  She explains the reason behind my concerns and treats the problem,( not the symptom) so I always look natural. People always comment that I look refreshed after a treatment. I trust her 100%.
I love that Marissa has a conservative approach and always encourages you to come back for a follow-up to make sure you are happy with your treatment.
Eight years going strong and I am a patient for life!! I'm so excited to follow her to her new practice."

Cathye H.  Irvine, CA

"I was very hesitant to get Botox because I didn't want it to change my smile. I went to Marissa when she worked in LA and she is THE BEST!!! She listened to exactly what I wanted and did such a great job while making me feel super comfortable. The results were amazing and I am so pleased! I now go to see her in AZ because I trust her so much! I highly recommend Lumen + Bevel! Thanks Marissa!!!"

Vanessa H.  Marina Del Rey, CA

"I cannot say enough great things about Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics. Morgan has done my Botox and Fillers and she is absolutely brilliant, everything is always perfect. They are so professional and take the time to communicate throughout the process. They are extremely knowledgeable. They are caring and take the time to make you fill comfortable and look your best. I am very happy with my results and can't wait to return."

Nancy S.  Henderson, NV

"Marissa truly has a gentle and artistic hand with a down to earth spirit that instantly comforts you. Her knowledge and patient care is unmatched, and I always love the natural and never overdone aesthetic she gives me. She is the absolute best!"

Elizabeth T.  Chandler, AZ

"Morgan and Marissa are the best medical aestheticians I've ever had the pleasure to meet. My goal is to age gracefully and to not look like I get botox or fillers. They listen to my goals and help me achieve them, they are different than other injectors  because of their education and experience. Removing marionette lines without injecting fillers in my marionette lines? Pretty incredible, right? The placement and approach to anti-aging is evolved with Marissa and Morgan at Lumen + Bevel. Botox, Restylane, Rejuvadermmd, Dysport. They do it all (I'm sure I've missed some) and customize their approach for each person's unique goals without changing the way you look. They introduced me to 'The Nefertiti'. Life changing is all I'm going say. :)"

Nikole I.  Phoenix, AZ