Snapchat Dysmorphia

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Snapchat Dysmorphia is a new concerning area in aesthetics and our society these days.  And it’s something we all need to be on the lookout for.

What is Snapchat Dysmorphia?  Snapchat Dysmorphia is a “newer” condition where, mainly younger, people are obsessing over changing their appearance, using Snapchat and other digital apps.  They make changes to their own face or body on their phones, and this becomes an obsession for how that HAVE to look, or how they SHOULD look.

It’s very sad, and very real.  But now that it has been established and recognized, we can all work together to do something about it.

Our very own Morgan Renfro was recently featured in a great interview with THE LIST.  Snapchat Dysmorphia is covered in much more detail.  And there is great information on how you can identify this condition and how you can help!

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