2021’s Biggest Skin Care Trends

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Skin Care Trends

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The trend setters, Marissa and Morgan, get together for another interview discussing 2021’s hottest skin care trends. 

Lets face it, the pandemic has thrown a massive wrench in any sort of routine we used to have.  Good or bad.  The good news though, is its the perfect opportunity to get your skincare routine back in order.  We may not always associate skincare products with food and drinks, but they all need to go through the FDA just the same.  And we need to remember that skincare also goes through the FDA, because of the amount of ingredients!  And wouldn’t you know it, not all of the skin care ingredients are good for you!  Where some ingredients might be good (or not harmful) to one person, may be very detrimental to the next.

The specific trends aside, it’s so important that you can connect with an expert who can educate you on all of your options.  Marissa and Morgan not only have incredible industry experience, they are on the forefront of the educational part of the industry.  They absolutely obsess about the new products, ingredients, and how they can help!

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