Under Eyes

Our eyes are the first points of contact we have with every interaction.  Because of this, treating this area can have one of the highest impacts on your facial aesthetic.  As expert injectors and specialists in facial anatomy, we treat this area every day and we appreciate the impact it has on our patients.  We use multiple modalities to treat this area, depending on the type of correction needed and overall aesthetic goals.  Each person’s anatomy is different, therefore in order to know which treatment would be the best fit for you we truly need to perform an assessment first.

The area around our eyes is complex so we want you to be educated on each of our treatments offered so together we can decide which treatment is going to give you the best outcome.

Toxins are used for the fine lines around the eyes, filler replaces volume that has allowed the undereye area to hollow, and collagen stimulators thicken up the skin to seal in your results and prevent needing to retreat as frequently.

Below are a couple of our favorite recent results!

Toxins: Effectively reduce the “dynamic wrinkles” created with animation around our eyes. By relaxing the muscles of the crow’s feet and frown region can decrease the intensity and habit of constantly keeping these muscles contracted leading to wrinkles. By evaluating the strength of the muscle and understanding your desired aesthetic outcome, we are able to choose which of our toxins will be best for you.

Dermal Filler: Replaces the volume that used to prevent your muscles from creating deep lines with animation.

Collagen Stimulator: In order to thicken the skin under your eyes, we can add our Brightening booster!  We mix this with our filler of choice so you can get both instant results from the filler and long term skin thickening over the following few months. This is especially helpful for anyone with darkness under their eyes as the collagen stimulator added is white and therefore appears brighter!

Topical skincare products are the easiest way to begin treating this area for preventative measures or to maintain your results from our procedures. We love our Skin Medica Instant Bright eye cream for everyday brightening and our skinmedica TNS Eye Repair with Growth Factors as your night time eye cream if you want long term results.

Crows feet:  The root cause of crows feet is the thinning of the muscle around our eyes, increased muscle strength and the displacement of the fat pads shifting downwards.  This results in lines around your eyes, which become very noticeable when smiling or making other facial expressions.