Over time, our neck becomes textured and loses it’s elasticity. This is a common sign of aging and can prevent us from achieving a truly natural looking aesthetic.

We offer everything from preventative neck treatments with toxins and skincare, to full neck rejuvenation using a great combination of toxins, dermal filler and collagen stimulation.

Using toxins, we treat both the horizontal lines as well as the vertical bands that appear when you clench your neck or grimace. Often times, we will also use toxins along the jawline to tighten the loose skin under the chin as well.

If you’re concerned with the fullness right under your chin (often referred to as the double chin) then Kybella is going to be the treatment of choice for you as it will dissolve the stubborn superficial chin fat permanently leading to a more defined profile and can even elongate your neck.

Neck Tightening: Neuromodulator / Toxin

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