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Preparing for your aesthetic treatment can really help to improve your overall experience and results.  The Dedicated House wrote an incredible article this month about some of the things you should consider.  The initial consultation is arguably the most important part of your aesthetic journey.  Finding the right practice that you can truly connect with is imperative to a successful outcome.  At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics, our consultation process is second to none, free, and it makes preparing for your treatment incredibly simple.

The first phase of our consultation process is to connect with our patients on a personal level.  This allows us to truly understand their aesthetic goals.  Once we understand our patients’ goals, we do a thorough assessment of their anatomy.  In books, anatomy is the same.  In real life, everyones’ anatomy is very different, so finding a practice that is well educated and experienced is of utmost importance.  Finally, we use our understanding of your goals and anatomy to put a customized plan together for you that will fit your wants, needs and budget!

Now, it’s one thing to “put a plan together” for patients.  But it’s an entirely different thing to be able to effectively educate them on their options.  With most treatments, there is some variance in the products selected, amount of products injected, etc.  Effectively educating our patients about their options is one of our core values at Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics.


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