Most Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients

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The 6 Most Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients

Most powerful anti-aging ingredients by your very own Marissa and Morgan.  We all want to look younger and/or at least stay where we are!  This new article by AZ Big Media is amazing and covers 6 of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients that you probably thought about.

From things like Hyaluroic Acid which is found in most dermal fillers, to Vitamin C to Retinol (the most important).  This article has you covered.

Education is one of the most important things in our practice, and it doesn’t stop with just us.  We always promote and encourage our clients to be more interested about the details of the treatments and products that can help.  There are always options, and you should have the right information to make an educated decision.  I cannot emphasize the amount of progress in the industry enough.  From scientific research for the products themselves, to anatomical and skin research, its incredible.  It’s a lot like the iPhones these days where a phone that’s only a couple years old quickly becomes obsolete.

At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics we pride ourselves in taking a comprehensive approach to our clients aesthetic goals.  And that most certainly includes taking preventative measures to keep you looking your best!

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