Keep Skin Hydrated During Summer

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Keep Skin Hydrated During Summer

Keep Skin Hydrated During Summer

Easy ways to keep skin hydrated during summer is something we can all benefit from.  Like it or not, SUMMER IS COMING.  We absolutely love the summer, but we have to be very careful about what the incredibly hot and dry heat can do to our skin.  Even when we continue on our normal skin care routines.

Phoenix Moms has featured Marissa and Morgan again, this time getting you prepped and ready for the heat wave that is upon us.

One of Marissa and Morgans’ core values is education, and always staying at the forefront of the industry.  This is exactly why you need to read this article.  Science and research in the aesthetic and anatomical communities are making leaps and bounds like never before.  And in this article, you will get to learn all of the latest and greatest ways to keep your skin looking its best.

We see far too many people become complacent with their skin care products and routines, simply because they’ve seen some benefits in the past.  It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.  Schedule a free consultation with Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics today, and be wowed by the newest skin care options!

To keep skin hydrated during the summer, its takes a multifaceted approach.  Our education and experience truly sets us apart when assessing our patients skin and anatomy.  This added to our constant involvement and staying current with the newest products and trends, makes us the easy choice.  When it comes to medical grade skin care, the cost is going to be about the same no matter where you go.  So the most important thing to prioritize is meeting with the right nurse injectors.  With the best injectors to help you select the best skin care products for you, you can’t lose!

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