Wrinkle Relaxers

At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics, our wrinkle relaxer, also known as toxins or neuromodulators, treatments help us temporarily prevent, balance and manage those pesky little lines that won’t go away.  By relaxing our overused muscles such as our frowns, crow’s feet, and neck, we're able to soften and prevent permanent wrinkles.  Each of our Toxins has a different personality and therefore we often use a customized combination of different toxins (ex. Botox in frown, Dysport in forehead, Jeuveau around the eyes, etc.) to ensure we are achieving your aesthetic goals!  Once we have assessed your anatomy and understand your goals, we will be able to tell you which neuromodulator (toxin) will give the best results!

Which wrinkle relaxer products does Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics use?

We carry all the major brands, and in our experience, each product works in a unique way that allows us to tailor results specifically to our clients aesthetic goals.  Each product is unique in its dosage and efficacy in certain areas.  These products are commonly known as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau (Newtox).  Our consultation process and experience with each product are what truly set us apart when it comes to wrinkle relaxer treatments, and we are so excited to bring our approach to the Scottsdale area!

Will it make me look frozen?

At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics, our consultation process and relationship with our clients ensure we will not only select the right product, but will use the correct dosage in the right areas to ensure we are achieving your aesthetic goals.  Whether you want preventative, expressive, or stiff and shiny, we have you covered!

Can a wrinkle relaxer treatment help make my face look more slim?

The short answer is, YES!  As we age, the muscle we use to chew, clench and grind your teeth (the masseter) becomes large and painful.  This muscle takes up a large portion of our lower face, so using a Toxin to weaken that muscle actually makes your cheekbones look higher and helps to avoid developing a broad, square jaw.

What is Micro-tox?

It’s all about the texture! Micro-tox is a great option to temporarily tighten and smooth your neck and chest. Pair this with a Collagen Stimulator for even more magnificent results!