Botox Wrinkle Relaxer Treatments

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Botox wrinkle relaxer treatments.   EHealth Spider posted a great article this month about what you should know about Botox.  The information in this article, for the most part, applies to all of the products in our line of neurotoxins.  Neurotoxins used in our Wrinkle Relaxer treatments are selected based on your facial anatomy and aesthetic goals.  Our neurotoxins include Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau.  Each of these products are unique in their own way, and can be extremely effective in managing wrinkles and the aging process.  Our consultation process is a comprehensive process which allows us to assess your facial anatomy, and ensure we have a complete understanding of your aesthetic goals.  Natural results is always one of our main goals.

Our consultation process ensures we choose the most appropriate products and inject in the most impactful areas, based on your aesthetic goals.  Botox wrinkle relaxer treatments are extremely effective, along with other neurotoxin products.  The image to the left is a great example of a wrinkle relaxer treatment.  This image is also a great depiction of how addressing wrinkles when you are younger can really help!  In the before, the patient is in his mid-20s.  In the after, he is 30.  We not only stopped the wrinkles, but his body filled the creases in with its own collagen.  If you are not in your 20’s and 30’s, we can still help stimulate your own naturally produced collagen!botox

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