Beyond the Butt Lift

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Beyond the Butt Lift: Trending Plastic Surgery Procedures is a phenomenal new article published by Phoenix Magazine.

This article gives some incredible statistics about Brazilian Butt Lifts, along with alternative treatments.

There are so many new alternative treatments that are SO much safer and effective.  Of course, not all of these treatments are alternatives to a BBL, however, they are still incredibly impactful.

A few of these services include BROTOX, which we love, non-surgical rhinoplasty and diep breast reconstruction to name a few.

Two others that are new and really exciting for us, are the launch of QWO, hand and lip lifts.  QWO is a brand new product that is changing the cellulite game.  It’s an injection that can literally eliminate the bands that attach to our skin and cause cellulite.

Hand and lip lifts are nothing new, but we believe they are finally getting some of the attention they have deserved.


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