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At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics, we absolutely love the uniqueness of the dermal filler, Belotero.  This is a product that uniquely adds to the versatility and efficacy of our different products that allow us to truly feel like artists when treating our patients.  Everyones' anatomy and aesthetic goals are, at least, slightly different, and these products allow our artistry to shine.  We are so excited about bringing our experience and immense training to the Scottsdale area!

FDA approved in 2011, Belotero is an extremely thin dermal filler and is incredible at smoothing out tiny fine lines that other products may be too thick for. It’s a great product to use with our Lumen + Bevel Fine Line Remover treatment and technique, and is able to treat even the thinnest of lines. Examples include lip lines, neck lines, acne scars and fine lines around the face