Dermal Filler Injections

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When Phoenix and Scottsdale residents want to reverse the signs of aging and achieve a natural, more youthful appearance, they know they can count on the team at Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics. Our master aestheticians use a multifaceted approach that relies on the most advanced injectables on the market to correct, preserve and enhance clients’ natural beauty. One category of injectables is our dermal fillers Scottsdale. Through a combination of these dermal fillers, our intimate understanding of facial anatomy and our unique training, we can help you feel your best at every age.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Each year, more than 1 million individuals choose to enhance their features and smooth out their appearance with dermal fillers. Experienced technicians inject these gel-like substances beneath the surface of the skin to smooth lines, soften creases, restore volume and, essentially, enhance patients’ overall facial features. They are the facial rejuvenation treatment of choice, as they offer a cost-effective way to achieve noticeable results without any surgery or downtime.

Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

Dermal fillers are incredibly safe, but as with any type of medical treatment, they have caused some side effects in patients before. The most common of those include itching, redness, swelling and bruising.  These will, of course, always vary by individual and the treatment type and area.  Our master injectors will always discuss what you may expect with your treatment during our consultations or prior to your treatment, so you do not have to worry about being uninformed.

Which Dermal Filler Products Does Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics Use?

There are a wide variety of dermal Fillers on the market today, and our comprehensive knowledge of and experience with each product is one of the things that really sets us apart.  We carry Allergan, Galderma and Merz dermal filler products and are experts in selecting the right product, or combination of products, to meet your aesthetic goals.  Our traditional dermal filler treatments are noninvasive, nonsurgical ways to replace some of the volume that we lose naturally over time.

What Happens To Dermal Filler Over Time?

The hyaluronic acid filler is specifically designed to mimic our body's natural hyaluronic acid, so your body naturally breaks it down over time.  Because hyaluronic acid is already naturally occurring in our bodies, once the filler has integrated, your body isn’t able to tell the difference between its own hyaluronic acid and the filler, which enables it to break down naturally.

Dermal Filler Serum: The Best Treatment For Youthful Skin

Injectable dermal fillers are an essential anti-aging ingredient, as they address all three pillars of the aging process: Volume loss, wrinkles and changes in skin tone. When injected into the skin at varying depths, dermal filler serum helps to restore facial volume, erase fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone. The overall effect is a smoother and livelier appearance.

A Bio-Synthetic Solution

Many people are hesitant to invest in dermal fillers Scottsdale because of their synthetic nature. The great thing about dermal fillers, though, is that their main active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. Once injected, the body cannot tell the difference between the naturally occurring HA and its synthetic counterpart, allowing the two to seamlessly mix and work together to produce stunning, natural-looking and safe results.

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

How long dermal fillers last really depends on the product being injected and the area of the body undergoing treatment. Patients can generally expect their results to last for anywhere between three months and two years.

Does Dermal Filler Help With Volume Loss?

When we think of aging, we often just think of wrinkles, but facial volume loss is a large component as well.  Many signs of aging are directly related to volume loss. Replacing lost volume is a great way to keep the face supported through the years and prevent or correct signs of facial aging.  This is where our dermal fillers in Scottsdale come in! You’re going to love the difference a little volume can add to your look.

A large part of our expertise and artistry is understanding what product, or combination of products, is needed to achieve your aesthetic goal. We appreciate that there are many different factors leading to facial aging and therefore we use our experience and expertise to deliver natural-looking yet impactful results.

What is the Best Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are not all created equal. Within the category of injectables, there are multiple options, each of which is unique in its own right. After years of meeting the rigorous demands of A-listers and the Hollywood elite, our cosmetic injectors are intimately familiar with each filler type and what each is best suited for. We use this knowledge to guide clients to the ideal product, or combination of products, that will best help them achieve their aesthetic goals. While we carry several lines of dermal fillers, we have extensive experience with Allergan, Merz and Galderma dermal filler serum.

A Non-Invasive And Non-Surgical Way To Restore Volume

Facial volume loss is one of the most common side-effects of aging, and while everyone experiences it, it is no less disheartening when it happens to you. The good news is that with strategic injections of dermal filler serum, our team at Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics in Scottsdale can replace that lost volume and give your face the support necessary to undo existing damage and prevent further signs of aging.

Put Your Trust In Our Knowledgeable Team

Having trained under the most prestigious cosmetic injectors in the world, our Scottsdale aestheticians possess an in-depth understanding of the various dermal filler products and their intended uses. We combine our knowledge with our artistic vision to create for our clients the facial changes they desire. If you want to entrust your complexion to a team with a long-standing reputation for achieving stellar results, look no further than our Scottsdale team at Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics.

Ready For A Transformation?

Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics is available for individual (in-person and virtual) consultations to determine the best approach to achieve your aesthetic goals!