Sculptra Injections

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By gradually stimulating the growth of your natural collagen, Sculptra Aesthetic helps replenish lost facial volume leading to a natural healthy aesthetic outcome.  Sculptra is an injectable treatment that helps stimulate your skin to create make more of it’s own natural collagen.  By stimulating collagen your skin becomes firmer, healthier and younger-looking.  This product works overtime as opposed to immediately, making it an ideal treatment choice for someone looking for gradual replenishment of overall facial volume. We like to think of Sculptra is fertilizer for your face!

The Science Behind Sculptra Aesthetic

Once injected, the main ingredient in Sculptra, PLLA (Poly-L-lactic acid), begins to stimulate lost or damaged collagen. The result of clearing out old and damaged collagen is that it makes room for and stimulates new and healthy collagen to grow, helping restore volume over time. This treatment can last more than 2 years!

Sculptra is a treatment of choice for everyone looking for natural and gradual results over time.  As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 2 vials per decade of life, spread out by 4-6 weeks between treatments. Sculptra works by stimulating your body's ability to create more of its own healthy Collagen, which starts to break down in our twenties.  Between age 35-55 our natural collagen reserve diminishes, making collagen stimulation mandatory for preventative and long-term aesthetic care.  Results are seen within 6 weeks of treatment and continue to get better as we continue treatments.

  Sculptra Aesthetic is the ONLY product that addresses all three signs of facial aging- skin, fat and bone. In order to truly appreciate the magic that is Sculptra Aesthetic, it’s important to understand how it’s able to address all three main causes of facial aging. Sculptra helps our skin by introducing PLLA particles that stimulate healthy Collagen. Collagen is what keeps our skin thick and able to maintain hydration and suppleness through the years. Sculptra can also be thought of as injectable skin care!

Ready for a Transformation?

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