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Our Founders

As go-to injectors for celebrities and the Hollywood elite, Marissa Abdo and Morgan Renfro are excited to bring years of focused expertise and passion from a top 10 national practice in Los Angeles to beautiful Scottsdale. As a duo, we have always been great friends and co-workers and are thrilled to be taking our professionalism to the next level. We enthusiastically share a love of the desert and, more importantly, the desire to train other providers as well as educate patients in the delivery of a natural, yet impactful aesthetic result. Together, we are able to offer our clients a collaborative experience using non-surgical facial sculpting and contouring techniques to enhance beauty and inspire fresh confidence.

Our specialized experience of exclusively facial injectable treatments has resulted in the performance of nearly 2000 procedures a year, allowing us to truly master the art and science of facial injections. This statistic speaks volumes when compared with the average annual injectable treatments performed by many medspas and plastic surgeons at around 500.

Having learned from the most prestigious injectable leaders from all over the world, we are ready to combine our pearls of wisdom to deliver expert results and an unparalleled medical aesthetic experience.  In addition to extensive and unique knowledge that has been utilized in the training of other health care professionals, our collaborative approach to treating patients is what makes Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics the medical aesthetic niche the Scottsdale industry has been waiting for. We can’t wait to meet you!

Marissa Abdo

Marissa Abdo, MS, RN, CANS

As a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, who completed her  Bachelor of Science  in Nursing  at Arizona State University, where she attended on academic scholarship  and  graduated Cum Laude. Marissa Abdo continued her studies in  London,  earning a Master of Science in Healthcare  Management at  City University. She recently moved to Scottsdale from Los Angeles, where over the last 9 years she helped grow a small practice to a top ten national account for both Galderma and Allergan, the top aesthetic companies in the world. It was there where she became a go-to injector for celebrities and the Hollywood elite. She is now bringing her family, expertise and love for the desert back to where it all  began.

Marissa is a member of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses and was one of the first nurses in the country to become CANS certified in 2014. She is a national trainer for  both  Galderma (since 2013) and Allergan (since 2015),  allowing her the opportunity to train other providers on the safe and effective use of neuromodulators and dermal fillers.  As a national trainer and member of the Allergan Advisory Board, she is one of the first clinicians in the country to use the newest products to hit the US market 

Beyond her specialized clinical expertise, Marissa’s greatest talent is her ability to recognize each patient’s natural beauty and enhance these features using her advanced injectable skillset. She enjoys understanding her patients’ unique aesthetic goals and collaboratively creating a plan to make these goals a reality.  Marissa is loved by her patients for her aesthetic eye and philosophy, combined with her warm and friendly personality. 

Morgan Renfro

Morgan Renfro, RN, CANS

As a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and Registered Nurse, Morgan Renfro is excited to bring her years of expertise and passion from California back to her native state of Arizona. She returns to Scottsdale After building an incredibly successful and loyal clientele in Los Angeles, one of the most aesthetically forward cities in the nation treating some of the most demanding patients in the world. As the Training Lead and Senior Injection Specialist for a top 10 practice in the nation treating approximately 2000 patients a year, she gained the opportunity to train along side world renowned plastic surgeons and other industry leaders, giving her profound knowledge and an extraordinary skillset unique to specialized facial aesthetic injectors.

Morgan’s ambition, competence and reputation has allowed her to become a trusted trainer for Galderma Aesthetics, one of the largest aesthetic companies in the world. Morgan enjoys sharing her knowledge of facial sculpting and contouring techniques to inspire newfound confidence in aspiring injectors as well as bringing the fields newest techniques and innovations to accomplished physicians. Education and training has become her favorite and most rewarding adventure in her career and she loves to bring that into her patients individual experiences as well.    

Morgan prides herself in the trust she builds with her patients and understands that every face requires something different. Confidence is beautiful and she truly believes that all of her patients deserve to experience the power of self-care through preservation of their natural features.  

Morgan has a wonderful eye, a gentle touch and her trust is easily gained.  In the patient room, she is thrilled to be able to offer her patients an unparalleled aesthetic experience.  As she always says, it’s your face and she promises to take good care of it! 

Treatment Areas

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Aesthetic Injections

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A traditional med spa provides non-surgical aesthetic services, such as wrinkle relaxer, dermal filler, sculptra and other aesthetic facial injections.  In addition, traditional med spas also provide services often found in day spas, such as facials, laser treatments and other skin care services.

Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics is not your traditional med spa.  Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics exclusively provides aesthetic injectable services.  Traditional med spa injectors perform about 500 injectable treatments per year.  Since we have chosen to build a specialized practice, our injectors perform about 2000 injectable treatments per year.  When it comes to experience, there is no one better in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

  1. Experience:  Injections aren't what we do, they are all we do.  Make sure your aesthetic nurse injector has the right experience for the services you seek.
  2. Education:  Not only are both of our founders national trainers for both Allergan and Galderma, they are industry leaders in anatomy and the science behind aesthetic injections.
  3. Experience:  Different from number 1, this is all about our patients' experience.  When you can finally meet with an aesthetic nurse injector that can thoroughly educate you on your options, accurately assess your anatomy and understand your goals, you will know why!!

We provide wrinkle relaxer, dermal filler, collagen stimulating and fat incinerating injectable treatments.  We carry all of the major injectable products such as Botox, Dysport, Restylane Defyne, Juvéderm Voluma, Sculptra, Kybella and more.

Some of the common facial areas we inject are lips, cheeks, chin, jawline and neck.

We believe the most important factors to look for in a med spa are the services they provide, and the level of experience of the aesthetic nurse injectors.

As Marissa Abdo and Morgan Renfro like to say, jacks of all are masters of none.  We are masters of aesthetic injectables, and thats all we do.  Make sure the med spa you choose is a master of the treatments you are wanting to receive.

Marissa Abdo has earned her Masters and RN degrees from ASU.  She is also a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists (CANS), which is one of the most sought after certifications in the industry.

In addition to this, she is a national trainer for both Allergan and Galderma.  On top of running her practice, she is also contracted to travel to other practices and train them on products and injection techniques.

Morgan Renfro earned her RN degree from Carrington College.  She is also a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists (CANS), which is one of the most sought after certifications in the industry.

In addition to this, she is a national trainer for Allergan and on faculty with Galderma (she trains trainers).   In addition to running her practice, she is also contracted to travel to other practices and train injectors on products and injection techniques.

From fine lines and wrinkles to volume loss and sagging.  Our team at Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics in the Scottsdale area has the know-how to treat it all.  We’ve carefully created our menu of services to help individuals achieve their most ambitious aesthetic goals.  While providing an unparalleled medical experience. 

We work closely with our patients to create treatment plans. These plans help them achieve their aesthetic goals and inspire fresh confidence.  For some patients, that may mean utilizing a single technique, while for others, it may mean combining several.  Regardless of what a treatment plan looks like, the outcome is always the same.  Natural and impactful results that restore youth from the inside out!

The Art and Science of Facial Enhancement

At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics in Scottsdale, we combine the art of facial contouring and the science of injectables and anatomy.  Which allows us to enhance our patients’ natural beauty. Marissa Abdo and Morgan Renfro have years of specialized experience exclusively providing facial injectable treatments.  With tens of thousands of procedures performed, we have mastered the science and art of facial enhancement. When residents of Arizona want younger looking skin in an effortless, non-invasive way, they can trust us to deliver.

More About Marissa Abdo and Morgan Renfro

For years, Marissa Abdo and Morgan Renfro served as go-to injectors for celebrities and the Hollywood elite at a top 10 national practice in Los Angeles. Now, the friends and dynamic duo are excited to bring their artistry and talent to beautiful Scottsdale.  Here where they can practice their passion while training other providers and educating patients on the life-changing power of injectables, dermal fillers and other non-invasive augmentation procedures.

Both Marissa Abdo and Morgan Renfro learned from global leaders in the industry.  They both have worked to achieve and elite level of training and experience. Since founding Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics in Scottsdale, they’ve used their combined expertise and unique knowledge to deliver an unmatched experience.

Ready for a Transformation?

Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics is available for individual (in-person and virtual) consultations to determine the best approach to achieve your aesthetic goals!