50-Something and Fabulous!

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Being 50-something and fabulous means we’ve been forced to address a few things in the aging realm.

Aging affects everyone differently and they range from volume loss and wrinkles to skin tone and skin elasticity.

Lovin’ Life After 50 featured Marissa and Morgan in an amazing article.  The article covers all kinds of new technology and products that help you manage ALL types of aging.  From avoiding blue light from devices, to your diet and how they can affect your aging process.

Generally as we age, one of the key factors that results in aging is loss of Collagen.  We have MULTIPLE ways of stimulating collagen and we’ve seen these in recent months/years to be some of the most impactful treatments.

As with all aesthetic services, each patient is different.  Different in their aesthetic goals, anatomy and how they have aged.  At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics we provide comprehensive services to cover all aspects of aesthetic aging.

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