12 Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Makeup and Skincare

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We have all heard about the sneaky ingredients in food and drinks that are harmful to us, but did you know they are in our makeup and skincare too?  AZBigMedia posted another great article this month about the 12 harmful ingredients to avoid in makeup and skincare.  And some of the might surprise you!Skincare Specialists

The different ingredients and their harmful affects will vary person to person.  However, even if you don’t necessarily experience any “reaction”, it is still highly advisable to avoid them whenever possible.

We have enough to worry about with aging and all of the fun stuff life likes to throw at us.  Let’s use this information to make sure your skincare regimen is right for you!  It’s heartbreaking when we meet patients who have been so diligent and disciplined with their skincare routines, only to not see results or even go backwards sometimes.  This doesn’t have to happen anymore.

At Lumen + Bevel Aesthetics, we always ensure our patients have a comprehensive plan for their desired aesthetic.  Injectable treatments aside, there is no substitute for the right skincare regimen!  A simple, daily, routine that helps keep your skin hydrated and balanced with the right NON-harmful ingredients for you will provide incredible results.

This is not meant to imply that knowing which products are the best ones for you is easy.  However, we do provide no-cost consultations so that we can make that part easy for you as well!

Marissa and Morgan are the best in the industry, and pour their heart and soul into every aesthetic treatment and skincare plan.  We hope to see you soon!!

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